What factors make Great River Beef a superior product? The growing and finishing phases which are explained on this website make our cattle unique. Each cow or bull is raised to produce an animal with superior genetics whether it is to be sold for retail or to be used to improve a farmer’s cattle herd. Our beef is also dry aged for 31-41 days. This long aging process gives a better flavor and increases tenderness for a consistent delicious product. Our beef is then cut and immediately frozen at very cold temperatures which locks in the freshness and flavor without the use of preservatives. The cuts are vacuum sealed which maintains this freshness for up to one year or longer without any additional cost to our consumer.

The advantages of ordering our beef include: you are purchasing healthy meat, exactly the way you want it at a much better price (than buying individual cuts).

Our cattle are expected to finish (ready for processing) at 1200-1350 pounds which is the live weight. All of our beef is priced based on the hanging or carcass weight (which is approximately 62-65% of the live weight). This is the weight of the beef after it is butchered but before it has been processed according to your desired cuts and thickness. The cut weight is the amount of beef you actually take home in packages. A whole beef is $4.70/lb., half beef is $4.75/lb. and a quarter beef is $4.80/lb.

The following example explains in more detail how much the consumer is paying for their beef per pound. These figures are based on the purchase of a half beef at $4.75/lb.

The live weight (1250 lbs.) is multiplied x 65% = this is the hanging/carcass weight (812 lbs.)

The hanging weight (812 lbs.) / 2 = 406 lbs (which would be a half of a beef)

The hanging weight (406 lbs.) x $4.75 = $1,928.50

*To figure out exactly how much you are paying per pound of beef involves taking the carcass weight (406) x .80% = the cut weight (325 lbs.) Then divide the total amount paid ($1928.50) / 325 lbs (the cut weight) = $5.93/lb. The final result is $5.93/lb. of beef

*This calculation may vary from 75-80% depending on the fat content of the animal. The leaner the product, the higher the percentage number will be- providing a greater amount of cut weight (or take home product).


We provide high to prime dry aged beef cut to the customer’s specifications. Individual cuts are vacuumed packed to assure freshness for at least one year or longer. We require a non-refundable deposit of $250 for quarters and $500 for halves and whole beef orders paid in advance. Delivery is included within a 60 mile radius.

This is an approximation of the cuts of meat and the number of cuts for a whole beef. This will vary according to the different weights of the cattle and your choice of thickness of the steaks. The cuts of meat in the front half differs dramatically from the back half, so we evenly divide the cuts to make it fair for those ordering a quarter of beef.

  • 18-20 T Bone Steaks/10-4 Porterhouse Steaks or 12 Filets/16 NY Strip Steaks
  • 12-16 Sirloin Steaks
  • 32-36 Ribeye Steaks or a combination of a Rib Roast and Ribeye Steaks
  • 6 Rump Roasts
  • 16-20 Chuck Roasts (3 lb. roasts)
  • 14-18 Arm Roasts (3 lb. roasts)
  • 4 Packages of Soup Bones (1.5 lbs. each)
  • 4 Briskets
  • 18-20 Round Steaks
  • 120-140 Pounds of Ground Beef

*The steaks are 1.5 inch thick cuts